New OpenBeta 6 For OnePlus 6T Is Now Available


Oneplus 6T is an amazing phone with killer specifications and it has created a huge fan base. Oneplus phone has been known for its specification, quality and customer support, the oneplus has created its own identity in the smartphone market.

The OpenBeta 6 is now available for Oneplus 6T users. This build is beta software and it is not as stable as the OTA  updates, one will not get any notification regarding this update on the phone is the user is not already on the OpenBeta build.

Any Oneplus 6T user can easily download this beta software and can try it out but the users might face some bugs because the build is not stable but the user can reports bugs in the oneplus forum so that the bugs can be fixed later on.

Once the openbeta 6 is installed on the phone, you will no longer be able to receive the  OxygenOS OTA updates but you can revert back to the original Custom ROM if you want to. The beta software has its own set of features listed below
New OpenBeta 6 for OnePlus 6T is now available
OSAndroid OS 10
System Now unlock the LockBox without any problems in File Manager
No more crashes in the Launcher with apps in a full-screen display
Got rid of blank screens while clearing up the background apps
Updated Android Security Patch to 2020.03
SourceOnePlus Forum

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