Adobe launches Photoshop Camera App with the latest Adobe Sensei AI

Adobe has released a new Photoshop Camera App on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. Although currently, it supports only a few devices namely Samsung, OnePlus, and Google Pixel. Despite its name, the app has very little to with Photo Editing, with the new app you can just point the camera towards the scene you want to capture and the Photoshop Camera App will automatically add effects to the image.

The Photoshop CameraApp uses Adobe's latest artificial intelligence platform, Adobe Sensei, to recognize the subject you want to capture. Whether you want to shoot a landscape, selfie, food, or even the sky, the AI will automatically select the filters based on what's in front of the camera. Filters can be used in real-time or you can select the filter you want for your shot.

Currently, the App only has a limited selection of lenses created by artists and influencers. The company has also partnered with Billie Eilish with a limited edition lens. Similar to how Facebook or Instagram Stories has its proprietary software Spark AR to create face filters, users can create lenses for Photoshop Camera using Photoshop.

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