Best GCam for the OnePlus 8 Series Download and How to Install


OnePlus 8 series is pretty popular because of its camera module, But in the stock camera application, Two of those cameras wide-angle and macro are blocked or not used. Thanks to a senior member of XDA "Urnyx05" who created a camera port for the OnePlus 8 series through which telephoto and Ultra-wide camera can be triggered.

This camera port can be used without rooting the device and use all of the cameras in the OnePlus 8 series can be used. One of the XDA members tried out this camera mod on the OnePlus 8 Pro and showed some of the sample images.
    oneplus 8 pro stock camera primary 48MP 
Stock Camera
   oneplus 8 pro Google camera primary 48MP Sony IMX 689

GCam mod

oneplus 8 pro stock camera telephoto

Stock Camera

oneplus 8 pro stock Google Camera

GCam mod

The Google camera captures more natural light and better contrast and doesn't overexpose the images. To switch on the other lenses Go to [Settings] -> [Advanced] -> [Auxiliary Camera] within the camera app mod and toggle the "Telephoto" and "Wide-angle" options to "On". Now you have enabled all 3 of your lenses.

How To Install
First, download the camera mod from the link, then to enable support for auxiliary camera, change the package name to "org.codeaurora.snapcam" which is under the "" property in the build.prop.

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