Google Pixel 3 gets June 2020 security patch along with WiFi calling


Google delayed the Android 11 beta 1 update to a further date which is yet to be announced, which according to Google is due to the protest happening across the US.

While the Android 11 update is put on hold for an unspecific period, Google recently pushed  June 2020 security update for its Pixel 3 series devices, namely Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 3aXL.

As per user reports, the new security patch update along with the latest patch also enables VoWifi feature on Pixel 3 series devices. This new VoWiFi update has also enabled Airtel VoWiFi calling in India.

For those unfamiliar with Wifi Calling, basically "Wi-Fi Calling lets you make and receive voice and video calls over a Wi-Fi connection instead of using your cellular connection. If you have a Wi-Fi connection and are in an area where voice service is weak or unavailable, use Wi-Fi calling to continue making voice calls."

As posted by various users over Reddit and Twitter.   

After installing the June 2020 system update on my Pixel 3XL I received a notification offering WiFi calling. Upon activation (on the phone, no need to contact Visible) everything works as expected, I can now receive voice calls and SMS to my carrier number when on WiFi. Some good news out of the blue. (Source)


Finally Wi-Fi calling is working with Airtel in pixel 3a with June security patch. Thank you @GoogleIndia @airtelindia 

For enabling WiFi calling feature on your Pixel 3 devices, go to  Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > WiFi Calling.
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