MI A2 & MI A3 receives June 2020 Security update


Xiaomi's android one smartphones MI A2 & MI A3 start receiving June 2020 security patch update. As promised by Xiaomi the MI A series keeps getting a monthly security update, the updates might get delayed sometimes.

The main highlight of MI A2 & MI A3 was the Stock Andoird used in them as there OS. Simple and clean Stock Android in a Xiaomi smartphone was something unbelievable before the launch of MI A1 the first Andoird One concept smartphone from the Xiaomi.
                                                                    MI A1 Update
Stock Andoird gives a user a smooth and clean experience similar to the Google Pixel phones, Stock Andoird in the Xiaomi's  MI A series might have few of the typical Xiaomi application but it was a delight for the user who wanted a clean UI under a budget. Build Version of MI A2 is & Build Version of MI A3 is

The MI A2 & MI A3 are still some decent phone and are still used because of their UI and overall experience.  The MI A series was one of the most loved series, the MI A1 gain a lot of popularity in the past but its successor the MI A2 & Mi A3 were not able to capture the market like MI A1 did.

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