Mi J Series. Xiaomi's next big thing?

There were some rumours going around that Xiaomi is planning to launch a new smartphone series and all those rumours came closer to the reality when a Chinese website Weibo confirmed that Xiaomi is working on a new smartphone series and that new smartphone series might be the Mi J series.
There is still not much of a information about this new J series yet but it is possible that the top-end phone of this series might come with an 865+ snapdragon processor and a 108MP camera can be a major spec of that phone. It can also end up with the support of  120x digital zoom and 12x optical zoom.

All these phones can possibly have 5G  support which can bump up there price a bit. The company is still working on these phones that can mean the new series is going to take its sweet time before it reaches the customers.

The Mi J Series phones will include:

Mi J 10
Mi J 20
Mi J 21
Mi J 1S
Mi J 1T

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