Motorola Moto G7 gets Android 10 update for Unlocked Variants in The US

Android 10 update is live for the Unlocked versions of Motorola Moto G7.  The Android 10 update has already rolled out in many regions including Europe, the UK and Canada, Netherlands, Argentina, and most recently, Mexico.

The latest update brings many of the Android 10 features to this device such as system-wide dark mode, gesture navigation, better notification management. The update increases the Security Patch level to April 2020.

Android 10 update in US (international version) from r/MotoG7

Just got the update in the US West. from r/MotoG
While the update is out for unlocked variants, it's is not yet available for other carriers of Moto G7. Hopefully, the Android 10 will be available for them soon.

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