New Pokemon Snap announced along with Pokemon Cafe Mix, Pokemon GO Mega Evolution and many more

With the release of the Pokemon Sword and Shield's first expansion pack, The Isle of Armor, the Pokemon Company has revealed lots of other news including a new Pokemon Snap Game coming for Nintendo Switch.

The Official Pokémon company premiered a video on Youtube "Pokemon Presents", you can watch the video now.

Pokemon Smile
An AR-based game designed to encourage children to brush their teeth to catch pokemon.

Pokemon Cafe Mix
A new "free-to-play" game announced for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. It's a puzzle game in which you run a cafe and serve drinks and dishes to pokemon.

Pokemon Snap Announced
After over 20 years, the Pokemon Snap has finally got a sequel. The Pokémon Company announced New Pokémon Snap today for Switch. Just like the N64 Pokemon Snap, you have to roam around pokemon island while taking pictures as you move automatically on a rail.

Pokemon GO Mega Evolution and Galarian Farfetch'd
To celebrate the release of Sword and Shield's first expansion pack, Pokemon Go is introducing Mega Evolution in the game, and also the Galarian version of Farfetch'd is coming to the game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Zeraora Max Raid
With the release of The Isle of Armor, a limited-time Max Raid is also kicking off. It features Zeraora, and if one million players successfully completed the Raid, all players will be able to receive a Shiny Zeraora.

Look for more new pokemon related major news in the next week on June 24.