Pokémon Cafe mix available to download for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch


Last week The Pokémon Company announced several new titles for Nintendo Switch and for Android and iOS devices. Just a few days ago Pokémon Smile launched for mobile devices and earlier this day Pokemon Cafe Mix launched globally for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch devices. Pokémon Cafe Mix is a unique Puzzle game where you manage a Cafe and serve drinks and dishes to Pokémon visiting your cafe.

The Cafe is managed by you and your only human staff, Leah, and you start with Eve as your first Pokémon staff.

The game has similar mechanics like Candy Crush, as a match similar item to gain combo and score more points but here you can drag onto similar items to connect them, the difficulty also keeps increases slightly as you reach higher stages. the bottom left shows the combo meter, when full you can use Cafe Mix Skill(the blue skill with blast icon) that clears the area surrounding it, the megaphone Cheer Skill will clear the items in the direction where its pointing.

Before entering a stage you can choose a leader Pokémon which gives a boost for certain types of dishes, as you make dishes you can fill the meter of your visiting pokemon, and when the bar is full the Pokémon will join your Cafe.

You get Acorns(in-game currency) for completing a mission and get a bonus based on the turns remaining.

As you progress through the stages you unlock expansion for your cafe and other useful items to create new dishes.

Pokémon Cafe Mix is a simple and fun game to play. Serve drinks and dishes to Pokémon and recruit them in your staff to get a bonus on different dishes.

We will post tips on how to best utilize your resources as you play in a later post. Until then have fun recruiting new Pokémon and enjoy.

Ohh...Almost Forgot. Here are the download Links for Play Store and App Store.
"Gotta Recruit 'Em All"