Pokemon Smile now Available to download for Android and iOS devices

The Pokémon Company announced several games coming for both Nintendo Switch and smartphones. One of the newly announced titles, Pokémon Smile, is now available to download for Android and iOS users.

Pokémon Smile is an AR-based game that encourages players to brush their teeth as they free Pokémons from cavity monsters inside their mouths. You can complete your Pokedex as you rescue Pokémons and registering them in your Pokédex, over 100  Pokémons appears in Pokémon Smile that you can catch as you brush daily. Players also get Pokémon Caps while playing daily and completing achievements. You can wear these hats in AR mode.

After each Brushing session, you get helpful tips to improve your brushing techniques, based on advice from dental professionals. You can also create reminders up to three times to get a notification when its time to brush.

Download Link:
Another new title Pokemon Cafe Mix is announced to be launched on June 23, 2020. Stay tuned.