Samsung started rollout of One UI 2.1 for Galaxy S9 and S9+ in Germany

Just yesterday Samsung started the rollout of Android 10 based One UI 2.1 update in South Korea. According to a recent post on Reddit, Samsung has also started the rollout of the One UI 2.1 update in European regions starting with Germany.

One UI 2.1 in Germany, pro video and single take confirmed! from r/GalaxyS9
One UI 2.1 come with many new features :

  • Quick Share
  • Music Share
  • Camera zoom option
  • Single take
  • Night Hyper Lapse Mode
  • Shutter Button:
  • Display setting – dark mode setting
  • Apply dark mode to wallpapers
  • AR zone
  • Smart selfie angle
  • Live caption
  • Quick Crop
  • Screen mode
  • Pro video mode
  • Resize image
  • Clean View
  • My Filters
  • Selfie tone
  • AR Emoji
The update will be available to users via OTA. With the update available in Germany other Regions have a wait for some time to get the One UI 2.1 on their device.

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