Xiaomi's Next-Gen smartphones.TOP 10 List

Xiaomi is one of the most fasting growing company in the smartphone world. A few years back when huge companies like Samsung & Apple had a monopoly over the smartphone market,  Xiaomi made its appearance in the global smartphone market and became an instant Hit because of its with amazing cheap products and marketing techniques.

Xiaomi had totally changed the smartphone market by a single smartphone launch and that smartphone was Redmi Note 4. The Redmi Note 4 became a super popular smartphone with amazing specs and was the only smartphone at that time that was providing 4GB RAM with 64Gb of internal storage at a very cheap price, because of that  Xiaomi single-handedly threw the other companies out of the competition. 

After that Xiaomi had launched many great phones that like the Redmi Note series, MI play series,
MI Mix series and many more. Xiaomi has become one of the largest smartphone selling company.
And now Xiaomi is ready to launch its next generation of smartphone.

There are a lot of smartphones that Xiaomi is planning to launch very soon and all these smartphones are fully packed with brand new processors and other yet to be known specifications. On top of all that all the next-gen phone will be arriving with the latest MIUI 12 which is said to be the best UI system in the whole MIUI series. Some of the next-gen smartphone that can be launched soon are -

 1.  Xiaomi Note 10 Pro
 2.  Xiaomi MI Mix Alpha
 3.  Xiaomi J series
 4.  MI Note 10 lite
 5.  Xiaomi Remdi 9
 6.  Redmi 10X
 7.  Redmi 8A Pro
 8.  Redmi 10X Pro 5G
 9.  Xiaomi MI Note 10 Lite
10. Redmi k 30 Pro

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