2 Amazing features coming in WhatsApp update


WhatsApp is the most popular used messenger application worldwide. It is fast, reliable, and secure. WhatsApp Web provides users to send messages through a desktop or browser. The company is currently working on 2 major features that are:

1. Multiple Devices

It is the most requested feature requested by the users in which users can link multiple devices to their accounts and keep a check-in on which devices they are logged in

Currently, we can only log in on a single mobile device at a time, but after the update, users can link their account to multiple devices. Whatsapp is limiting to 4 linked devices and also trying the UI design for the update.

2. Advanced Search

Through this users can easily search their files, photos, GIFs, etc. directly from the search bar. It saves lot of the time of the users and can easily search files only by their name instead of looking it in the file manager and wasting lots of time.

These features are under development and not released yet. If you wish to try out these features you have to enroll in beta version. 

Let us know how you feel about the update in the comment section below.