4 Major Features relased for WhatsApp/WhatsApp Web

4 Major Features relased for WhatsApp/WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is the most popular Social Media application in the world for Chits and Chats. It's like for every single message or call we use WhatsApp to contact our friends and family members. More than 2 billion people in the world use WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp has released 4 new major features that are

1. Animated Stickers

It is one of the most awaited features of WhatsApp. Through this, users can send their messages in a fun and entertaining way. Users can easily express their thoughts with animated stickers. It consists of three parts.
  • View
  • Import
  • Download

2. QR Codes to add contact

It is an easy alternative to adding contacts manually. By scanning QR code you can directly add or message to another contact. You can share your own contact details using QR code or scan another person's QR code to add them in contact.

3. Expand a Video During Video Call

Recently WhatsApp has expanded its group video call limit to 8 people from 4. WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature to expand a single person video during group video call. This allows interacting with a single person easily.

4. Dark Mode for Desktop

This feature is previously available on WhatsApp mobile application and recently WhatsApp has released it for WhatsApp Web/Desktop. These colors are a bit darker and the green is completely replaced with gray.
To enable this feature go to WhatsApp Settings > Theme

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