Samsung Galaxy S21 [ Samsung's BEST is yet to come ]


Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is Samsung's biggest hit this year, Samsung showed everyone that when it comes to the premium smartphone nobody can compete with them. Samsung Launched the Samsung Galaxy S20 series in early 2020 and when the final looks came out everyone knew how good this device really is. 

After the super successful Samsung Galaxy S20 Series, Samsung has already started working on the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy S series "The Samsung Galaxy S21 series". Samsung Galaxy S21 series have become the talk of the TechTown because of the rumors and leaks that keep showing up on the internet now and then. 

Some massive leaks have surfaced on the internet and there are some other leaks that were leaked by some leaksters. 

The first and one of the major leaks are about the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21, The Samsung Galaxy S21 will going to have a 108MP main sensor + 64MP Telephoto lens + 16MP Wide-angle lens + 12MP Macro sensor and Samsung is planning to introduce a new feature that has never been used in the Galaxy S series which will improve the focus and the image quality a lot more.

According to a leakster the Samsung Galaxy S21 will hold a 4800mAh battery which more than the previous Samsung Galaxy S20 & Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and the leaskter also mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will have a 65W Fast Charging which is also better than the previous Samsung Galaxy S20 device that had a 25W Fast Charging.

The display has always been a strong point of Samsung. although there is not much information about what type of display Samsung is going to use in the Samsung Galaxy S21. But according to some leaks, Samsung is going to use its First Under Display Camera technology in Samsung Galaxy S21. The under-display camera feature has already in the testing and many companies have started to tease about the phones have an under-display camera.

There is one more new feature that Samsung is working on is the Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor or the Qualcomm's 3D Sonic Max it is said that this scanner is capable of scanning two fingerprints at the same time.

One of the biggest surprise for all the Samsung fans is that the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy S21 will come with an S-Pen and will support all the features and gestures that can be used with the S-Pen, S-Pen with a Galaxy S series device is shocking is a news, this can be a new reason for some Galaxy Note series fans for not liking the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Currently, this is all the leaks and specifications that are out in the tech world. We will keep you updated as some new leaks are out.

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