Instruction to install factory images on Pixel devices

Instruction to install factory images:


  • In order to flash factory images, you’ll need to have the Android SDK set up. Download the latest SDK here.
  • Flashing factory images wipes your phone completely clean, leaving it at a factory, out-of-the-box state. 
  • You’ll also need an unlocked bootloader.
Follow the steps:
  1. Download the factory image specific for your Pixel device to your PC, then unzip it to a separate folder.
  2. Setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC.
  3. Enable USB debugging on your Pixel device.
  4. Connect your Pixel device to the PC with a USB cable.
  5. Open a command prompt window on your PC, and issue the following to boot your Pixel phone into bootloader mode:
    adb reboot bootloader
    └ You might get a prompt on your device to “Allow USB Debugging”, select Yes/Ok/Allow.
  6. Run/execute the flash-all.bat script from the files we extracted in Step 1.
That’s it. You can now sit back and watch the firmware install on your Pixel device. Once done, your device will automatically reboot to system.