Pixel 4A (Launch,Price,Specs,Leaks)

Google Pixel 4A
After a lot of waiting and leaks, Google has finally revealed the launch for the next hyped smartphone from google which is most likely" Pixel 4a",

Google has also updated its Facebook and Twitter cover page, in the cover image we can see a hole in the top left corner, which clearly indicated towards the front camera of the pixel 4a.

On top of that Google has also introduced a new google store page, the page contains easter egg about the launch date on the top of the page, we can see 6 black boxes which change colour on clicking them, click on the boxes to match a pattern that unlocks the easter egg. Just follow the colour pattern of the google logo i.e blue red yellow blue green red after correct match some text appears that says.

The Google Just what you have been waiting for the phone and on the bottom, the date 3rd august appears which is most likely the launch date for pixel 4a on mid, we can see the Lorem Ipsum paragraph that also contains some information about the device, like videos chatum,tortor = macro,
lowlight capture, blur state bokeh, longlasting battery, On the bottom, we can see a phone model in a checkered pattern which matches the design of pixel 4a.

Now the main feature of the pixel devices is most certainly the camera and pixel 4a surely doesn't disappoint on that either. According to leaks pixel, 4a will have similar camera specs as pixel 4 with a 12.2MP primary camera on the back and an 8MP  camera on the front and considering its expected price is around $399 which is around 29,900Rs in India, its quite a good deal.

So the display in pixel 4a is 5.81inch, which is a bit small in the current smartphone market, but its not much of a deal-breaker. The device will have a 2340 x 1080 resolution in a 19.5:9 aspect ratio with 444PPI.

In terms of performance pixel, 4 is coming with snapdragon 730 chipset which is the same as moto one fusion and Poco x2 with 6GB  RAM and 64GB internal storage. It will also have the Titan M security chip. on the downside Pixel4a. The battery is rumoured to be of 3080mah which, to be honest, is low as compared to today's standard. On the bright side, it comes with 18W fast charging.

On a side note, although it is rare to see these days in smartphones, pixel 4a is coming with a headphone jack.

Being a pixel device pixel 4a will come with stock Android 10 with no bloatware and all of new Android 10 features along with regular updates.