Oneplus 8T [Leaks, Specifications & Live Look]

Oneplus 8T
So guys some good news is coming up for the upcoming Oneplus 8T. The Oneplus 8T
will be the latest flagship phone from Oneplus after the Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8

Going by the leaks from Android Central the Oneplus 8T will have 6.55 inch AMOLED
similar to the Oneplus 8, it is also quite possible that Oneplus 8T will
have a FULL HD+ 1080p display. The leaks also show that one plus 8T will have a
120Hz panel, which is an upgrade from the one plus 8 that has a 90Hz panel. There
will also be an option for selecting from 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rate. The leaks
suggest that there's no 90Hz option.

The Plus will be powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 865+ processor, which has 10%
improved performance and power efficiency that the standard Snapdragon 865 CPU.
The Oneplus 8t will have 8GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage. Also the
oneplus 8T will run on Oxygen 11 out of the box which is based on Android 11.

Now some render shows that unlike the Oneplus 8 that has a curved screen display,
the Oneplus 8T will have a flat-screen display with minimal bezels and a small
punch hole camera on the top left corner. 

Speaking of the camera, the Oneplus 8T will have a rear quad camera setup, with a
48MP primary camera paired with a 16MP wide-angle module, 5MP macro lens, and
a 2MP portrait lens
. while the Oneplus 8 also has a 48MP primary camera, the
Oneplus 8T will use an improved imaging sensor for capturing better quality

The Oneplus 8T is expected to be launch by the end of September or in the first week of October. No specific date has been announced as of yet.

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