iPhone 12 (Leaks,Specifications&Price)

We are just a few months away for the launch of the iPhone12, going by the leaks 
the iPhone 12 is expected to e launched in September or October this year. And as
we are getting closer to the launch date quite a few rumors and leaks have
started to surface. As per rumors, the iPhone12 will come in 4 models, namely 
iPhone12, iPhone12Max, iPhone12Pro and iPhone12ProMax. 

Some renders have been created by staple, giving a close look as to what to 
expect from the upcoming iPhone12, the iPhone12 will feature an improved design
with a metal frame that is similar to the frame in iPhone 4. Unlike the previous 
iPhones with rounded stainless-steel frames, the iPhone 12 will have flat 
stainless steel frames.

The notch has also undergone some changes and is slightly smaller, although
the difference will not be fully noticeable in smaller phones like iPhone12, but 
the result will be clearly noticeable in iPhone12 Pro max that has much larger 

Speaking of display the iPhone 12 will the smallest phone in the 12 series with
5.4in display, while both the iPhone 12max and iPhone 12 Pro will have 6.1in 
display and the iPhone12pro max will be Apple's biggest smartphone with 6.7 in

Also according to rumors, two high-end models will feature a triple-lens camera 
while the rest two lower-end models will feature dual-lens camera and will be 
available at an affordable price.

All of the iPhone 12 series devices will feature an OLED display. Also the 
higher-end iPhone pro models will also feature a 120Hz ProMotion display, 
which dynamically adjusts the display to the movement of the content on the 
screen and provide smoother motion and better responsiveness.
Some screenshots and a video is also leaked by Jon_Prosser which shows the 
high refresh rate and adaptive refresh rate option. A screenshot also suggest 
that higher-end iPhones will feature 3D triple-lens rear camera system that uses
a laser to calculate depth information for objects in the room, improving both 
photography and AR capabilities. This feature is similar to the LiDAR feature 
present in 2020 iPad Pro.

The IPhone12 series will the first iPhones to get 5G support. Rumors also suggest
that TSMC will manufacture the 5nm chips for the 2020 iPhone lineup. The A14 will
be 30% faster than the A13 chip in terms of power consumption and a 15% increase in 
overall performance. The A14 will be more battery efficient due to improved 
thermal management. Its A14 chip will be more focused on improving AI and AR tasks.
iPhone 12 Pro models will feature 6GB RAM a while the iPhone 12 will have 4 GB RAM.

As for the pricing, the iPhone 12 is rumored to be priced at 649$, the iPhone12max
at 749$, the iPhone 12 Pro at 999$ and at last the iPhone 12 Pro MAX will be 
priced at 1099$.
Stay tuned for more leaks and info for the iPhone 12 series.